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Feed additives (фуражни добавки)

1 юни 2012 | Автор: zaekyt | Публикувана в Храни & Напитки

One of the biggest advantages of being a part of European Union is that there are several supervisory bodies that help the rules to be followed entirely. Also, legislation is updated regularly and it is always related to current issues. Farming is the most sponsored field. Therefore, its control is the strongest. The food we eat should be high-quality. European farm producers are not so deeply related to genetically modified organisms. However, the control is always needed.

Today people are much more informed and they are interested in what they eat and how this food affects them. There are a lot of signals of consumers’ complains. Contemporary European consumers are very suspicious. He/ she requires eating natural food. So, the European Union starts checking feed additives and fertilizers, because they are able to affect the food quality as well. There are various clauses in the regulation about these problems.

European consumers should be calm because the authorities make it mandatory for the rules to be fully followed. Fortunately, today everything is written on the label . Also, consumers are free to complain in every moment and their opinion will be respected.

Feed additives could be really hazardous, but their content control is rigorous enough. There are diverse supplements that enhance the meal production. These feed additives help the optimization of feeding; also contribute to the better quality of animals’ food. Feed additives provide the domesticated animals’ organism with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. that they are not able to synthesize individually. People take additional vitamins and minerals in the form of pills, so there is no reason to renounce the positive effect on the animals’ organism as well

Today, consumers are well-informed and they are the best supervisory body. By complaining and expressing their opinion, they help each other. Also, the competition in-between food producers is too cruel and each producer is forced to protect his reputation and maintain high quality.


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Автор: zaekyt

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