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Online chess with real humans

19 април 2012 | Автор: Андон Иванов | Публикувана в Изкуство & Забавление

Play chess online with real humans everywhere and every time. This is really easy today with chessbase’s service for mobile online chess. By now this service has been available only for people who have Android on their phones or use iPhone, but soon it will be spread all over the mobile platforms.

What is the feeling of playing chessbase on your mobile? According to the users’ reviews it is really great. It is one of most welcomed chess programs ever. It is cheap, with great design and many options.

Why is this software so good? Well, this is an easy-to-answer question.

You have a chess board with you all the time and access to more than 20 000 opponents every day. You can play chess wherever you are. You just need a connection to the internet.

You can also check your opening theory with more than five million chess games played by grandmasters and ordinary chess fans. The database is created very well so it is really easy to browse over the games and opening variations.

There is even more. It can help you to become a better chess player with one really good service. You will have access to more than five hundred annotated chess games. All of them are played by strong grandmasters and the analyses are made also by some of the best chess players. Go through all 500 and you will be a much stronger chess player than before.

Of course, this is more than just a tool to play online chess. On this chess mobile platform you can save and keep one hundred of your own games. You can in any time start editing or analyzing them and all you have created as a variation will be stored in the memory of the phone, so you will have access to it later. You can even send an e-mail with your games so it will be easy for you to analyze them later on your computer.

This is why chessbase for phones is one of the best mobile chess online programs. Just go to an Android shop and purchase it. You will get what you have paid for. This is one hundred percent sure.

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Автор: Андон Иванов

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